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I’m not afraid to fall in love, I’m just afraid of hitting the ground when its over.

— (via soulsscrawl)
Anonymous said: I MISS YOU

I don’t know who you are or when this was sent but hey, I’m back!

It’s been nearly a year 

So I should probably re-introduce myself

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I might, I might… start blogging again 

Anonymous said: You seriously can't guess?

is it sarah?

Anonymous said: I have a testimonial for you! - Hi, I'm Beth, I'm a small weird annoying little freak! I don't have many real friends which is why my tumblr is so important to me! - God, I have that down to a T! No need to thank me xxxxxxxxxxxx

haha perfect!

i wish i knew who this was though…


Maslany had taken what easily could have been a gimmick – one actress playing several clones – and turned it into an acting tour de force. (x)